Saturday, November 5, 2011

Oh So Pretty Shops - Alexander Taron

I love The Taron Company.  It was founded over 50 years ago and it's focus has always been the same, to bring unique high quality collectable giftware, handicraft and toywear to the U.S marketplace. 
Tin Horse Carousel
The products Alexander Taron sells are exquisite and are made from tradition materials, such as tin and wood, and there are some real old time classics such as cuckoo clocks with moving figurines, old style spinning tops, and "pyramids" which work when the heat of a candle propells the fan at the top, which in turn moves a disc in the centre with a selected 'scene' on it.  Like the one below.

Wooden Penguin Pyramid
Here are some of my favourite products from his store.


  1. very unique and interesting pieces :)) love!

  2. yea i love their pieces as well! i know some people that have a few of them

  3. That reminds me, my in laws used to have one of these of the manger at Christmas. When the candles were lit the canopy would spin. Beautiful and the kids were mesmorized by it.

  4. Very cool! I love all the color.


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