Monday, November 14, 2011

Oh So Pretty Art - Daniel Ochoa

Cambio Self Rotrato

Daniel Ochoa is an amazing artist who explores personal experiences through his work, getting his inspiration from photos, memory and emotions.

From The Pinata
 He grew up in a bicultural and bilingual household where his father was an immigrant from Mexico, and his mother a white American.

In a statement from the artist himself he says, "Overtime, I learned to perceive cultural dichotomies and accommodate conflicting viewpoints".

Basabuela Portrait
I personally find his work striking. Every piece is serious, not easy on the eye but hard to look away from, and over-all completely captivating.

See more of my favourite Daniel Ochoa pieces below, and find a link to his website at the bottom of this page.

S Retrato 1

Halloween Costume

Old Man Study

Daniel Ochoa's website:
Daniel Ochoa's blog:


  1. Wow... such talent to create that. Thank you for following my blog. I returned the follow love.

  2. Those portraits are just stunning. So powerful - nice choices.

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