Monday, September 26, 2011

Oh So Pretty Shops - Hartstrings

I came across Hartstrings while browsing through kiddy clothes in a department store in America.  I instantly fell in love with the high quality and unique designs. 

Hartstrings’ designers take special interest in creating classic and age appropriate outfits that are both updated and sweet, and are consistent with the classic roots of the brand. 
Hartstrings' children’s apparel specializes in updated-classic apparel for boys, girls and babies from newborn up to 16 years. 

Hartstrings creates collections of clothing, which allows you to mix and match, creating the perfect outfit for your little ones. 

Some of my personal favourites are their novelty holiday sweaters.  You can see a handful of their fun, festive designs below. 
And if any one thought I was exaggerating about how much I adore this brand then check out the gorgeous Hartsrings sweater I bought my daughter. I still love it to this day.  (Excuse the messy hair, we got it cut the next day).  Visit their on-line store!


  1. So cute! Where were online stores when my kids were little? Oh, yeah. The internet wasn't invented until my oldest was five. Consider yourself blessed.

    Thanks again for stopping by on my SITS day.

  2. I think I just completed the what to buy for my grand daughters side of my Christmas list. Thanks and Cheers to a Happy Thanksgiving.


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