Monday, September 5, 2011

Maclaren Special Edition Pushchair - Cath Kidston II Spray Flowers Quest

I officially want to marry the Cath Kidston II Spray Flowers Quest.  I want to carry it over the threshold of the home we will share together and spend the rest of my pushchair days with it.  I want to see my child asleep in it peacefully surrounded by a halo of flowers. 

The sad truth is I will not be buying one.  I already have a Maclaren Quest, and as much as I would love to upgrade to this wonderful creation, I have vowed to live frugally.  Which means sticking to the perfectly good and reliable pushchair that lives in my hallway. 
This new Cath Kidston Quest is part of Maclaren’s Objects of Design Collection and they will be in stores THIS WEEK retailing at around £230.00. 

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