Saturday, October 22, 2011

Oh So Pretty Art - Ron Mueck


The following sculptures are not what I would class as “pretty” but anyone who can appreciate amazing art will appreciate this incredible artist.  

Woman With Sticks

His work may not be to everyone’s taste, I certainly wouldn’t want any of these sculptures displayed in my home, but there is no denying the talent and precision that has gone into every piece of work. 

Mask II

 I love art that you just can’t help but look at, whether ugly or pretty, and this most certainly falls into the category of art I love.


Spooning Couple
 This is the work of Ron Mueck, an Australian hyperrealist sculptor currently working in the United Kingdom.  

A Girl
 The piece which made his name, in 1996, was Dead Dad. which is a sculpture of the corpse of his own father, in which Mueck used his own hair.

Unfortunately I can't find an official website but you can find information on Wikipedia and plenty of other sites using a search engine.

Two Women


  1. o wow! this is amazing art! i love the 2nd one. and yes it is def not classified as "pretty" art...but you learn to appreciate art in many different forms

  2. These works look too real, some of them are scary too.

    In general interesting work and bold, if I may say.

    Sculpture of the big head is impressive.

    How much material do you think he used for that?

  3. They are so real! I have to admit, I think they'd scare me a little, but I do really like the angel

  4. The detail is so cool but kind of spooky! Love it!


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